Tuesday, August 4, 2009

crazy talk

i'm home from lake powell. i'm the only roomate that passed my cleaning check. when i close my eyes while standing up, i still feel like i'm on a boat.

i'm spoiled. spoiled rotten. i can officially say i've lived on the water for 5 full days. the stewart family was beyond generous and had everything provided for the entire trip. i showed up, ate like a queen, watched movies, napped, tubed, went exploring, hiked and played all week long. it was a blast to get to know some extended family better and to be able to spend time with cousins i don't get to see often enough. thanks again for such a fun week!!

trying to ease back into normal life was a little harder than i thought. going back to work wasn't as painful as i was expecting, but it wasn't fun. it's crazy to think it's already august. august is CRAZY.

events is august:
-halie's bridal shower
-work boating party
-make my skirt for the wedding
-my birthday :)
-ryan and halie's wedding
-pack up
-move into the sugar shack
-open house in las vegas
-my last cleaning check in fdl FOREVER

okay, so maybe that doesn't seem like such a ridiculous list, but it sure seems like i have alot to do in a short amount of time. happy august.

ps. i would post pictures from lake powell, but i don't have any. why you ask? my camera is gone forever. dropped in the water? no no. it got tucked in a side pocket and somehow slipped down...into the belly of the boat. you heard me. it's chillin down there in a little puddle of water. forever. am i depressed?? i only cried once about it. in the big scheme of things, it is only a camera....but i'm still sad.

pps. remember how i said i'm making my skirt for the wedding?? domestic, i know. i thought after making my cousins temple bag that i was an expert seamstress. wrong. i opened up my pattern for the cutest skirt of all time and thought i was reading another language. wish me luck. i'm thinking i'll need it.


Adam R. said...

yeah! You sew that skirt...

Meg said...

I am sure my Mom would help you cut it out or understand it if you need help.. she's talented!! LOL I didn't inherit any of that!

Kaymee said...

the big 27!! You are the 18th right? I'm the 16th :)

Jami and James said...

I can help you with it if you still need help Bethany! Just give me a call!