Saturday, August 1, 2009


i got home a little over an hour ago. look at the clock, folks. it's 1:29 in the morning.

i got home last week late wednesday night. my cousin (who was so kind to lend me her suitcase for my trip) called the next day needing it back to a weekend getaway to st. george. you guessed it. i opened up that baby and dumped it out on my bedroom floor. three days later i packed my bags again and left for a week at lake powell.

i just got home, and needless to say my room is trashed. er, was trashed. what was waiting for me on the kitchen table? a cleaning check paper. that's right. read it and weep. i have never had a phrase quite literally define my life, but i really did almost start to cry. my roomates had cleaned most everything, but i had to clean my parts of the bathroom....and my bedroom. curses.

can i remind you that i'm sunburned at tired? oh yeah, i'm picking up my brother at 7 am from efy and then driving to salt lake for a bridal shower and a fun filled day with cousins. i decided to check my facebook real quick before i headed off to clean the bathroom, and now i've been sitting here for 30 minutes. duh. i will hate myself for that tomorrow.

off to scrub a toilet. lucky me.

(really though, lucky me. i'll post about the most amazing trip to powell when i'm back sunday leat i'll try)

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Adam R. said...

You're home! Yeah.