Friday, July 24, 2009

she thinks my tractor's sexy

last night we went to the kenny chesny concert. it was outdoor. it was hot.
country/western concerts bring out a different crowd, and if i wasn't watching kenny, i was watching the crazies that were in attendance.
thanks for the invite, linds. thanks for the tickets, uncle mike. great seats. great company. great music.
ps...kenny chesney has a perfect smile. and he smiles all the time. i liked it.


DeeAura said...

I was also there. Thanks for letting me know. (I think his tractor's sexy too.) Baby, oh, baby. :) And half the entertainment factor was all the crazy drunks dancing hap-hazardly. Oh, the good good times of summer. :)

Steve Lamb said...

You would...

Linze Kate said...

Your posts are always so funny the way you write them... I can't explain, but the simple thing is - I love reading your blog. The end.

Haha! *muah*