Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i declare today: "CASUAL FRIDAY"

the only problem is, it's wednesday.

let's be serious. the office is dead. not a soul to be found. (okay, that's a lie. there are a few of us here. even those will clear out by noon) the day before a holiday.

why am i at work? good question.

i'm leaving for las vegas today. tomorrow will be the normal thanksgiving festivities. food. crafting. guilt free christmas music. decorations. and family.

then, it's the weekend. no plans. no obligations. i will sleep when i want. read when i want. eat when i want. watch tv when i want. (get the picture????)

i do have plans to go to the temple with cindy. long awaited. i haven't been to the las vegas temple since i was doing baptisms in high school, so it will be nice to go back.
i'm sure i will be crafting my little brains out this weekend (because that's what i do)
i'm sure we will sleep out on the trampoline at least once. it might be a little cold for las vegas, but there won't be any snow. and sleeping on a trampoline is cool.

i'm excited. ready for a relaxing weekend at home.

ps. my cousin preton (preston) got his mission call!!!! Nicaragua. do i know more details? no. it was an early phone call, and even though i may have asked the right questions, i don't recall the answers. i'm excited to meet up with him next week and talk MISSION!! so proud of my cousins that are entering this phase of life. love them!! so excited for you prest!!


Whitney said...

bring. it. on. (did you get fabric?)

Bethany said...

heck no. i think beb and i are going to look for some down there.