Tuesday, November 3, 2009

listen up.

this is my alarm clock.
i jammed to this on my way to work this morning.
i am dying to hear this.
nothing beats singing this with scott on the pignose.
you never want this to be your ringtone on my phone. it=bad.
sometimes i need to take this advice.
when i'm in a bad mood, i listen to this.
i will always love this. no matter what.
this is my childhood.
i love to dance to this. i'm learning to dance to this.
i love to ugly sing this and this and this and this and this. and this.
i sang this to my brother the night before he got married.(the chorus, anyway.)
i miss this. (i try not to, but i can't help it.)


Chance said...

Dear Bethany,

I dont know how much time I spent clicking on all of the this'.

Thank You. I needed that distraction.


P.S. Ranch

Adam R. said...

Ha ha. I appreciated finally finding out what ring tone you have assigned to me. It was this (JK)...

Jenny Alama said...

oh dear. i can't believe i just clicked and listened to all those 'this'es. but that was fantastic. great post.

Anonymous said...

This makes me happy.
This makes me miss you.