Tuesday, November 10, 2009

yes, please.

this past weekend we got together to *finally* have a baby shower for our lovely laura. we had one planned originally, but baby came early. i'm not complaining, because that means baby got to come to the shower. and when i say baby, i mean full head of hair.megan was kind enough to host us, greg slaved in the kitchen making gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and seasoning the best homemade tomato basil soup i've ever had in my life. in case you're wondering, i will never make a grilled cheese sandwich again without pickles on it. true story.
love these girls.
laughed my face off.
can't wait to have an excuse to get together again.
ps. i have a hair appointment tonight. i'm hoping it goes well. i'm slightly nervous. i know what you're saying. "there's nothing they could do to your hair to make it look worse than it does right now." or how 'bout,"you already look like a boy, bethany. why are you getting a haircut?!?" i know, i know. i 've thought it too, and just like you have a hard time actually saying out loud. but guess what. i'm secretly excited, because it better look d good when all is said and done. and if it doesn't? then we'll all have to pretend, now won't we.
pps. i've started thinking about christmas. what do i want for christmas. dear santa, the whole nine yards. the things i want this year aren't things i can write on a list. yeah, there's things i want....but heaven knows i don't need them. i feel a dear santa post coming your way....
these next two months are crazy. a weekend in memphis is on the horizon. thanksgiving. brother coming home from the mission. christmas. tax season. new roommates.
new things on the horizon. i feel change coming. change is good. adventure is good. trying new things is/are good. following your heart instead or your head.
have i left you wondering? peaked your interest? made you wonder?
me too.

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