Friday, December 25, 2009

all the stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

it's been a different christmas. different, but good. it's about this time of the vacation that i'm reminded this isn't real life (cooking, cleaning, and crafting), but that i have a real job from 8-5 that's waiting for me. gross, huh??

grandma and grandpa are good to remember all of their grandchildren on christmas. instead of getting silly gifts that are easily forgotten, they are determined to build our church library.
(don't make fun of my outfit. i don't really make much of an effort to match when i'm going to be home all day. sorry charlie. and in case you didn't notice, my hair is dark now. yes, all dark - as in no highlights. yes, my mother gasped one of her famous gasps and told me i had grey hair. i left straight-away for the grocery store and bought a box of color. brother mark colored my hair. i am now highlightless.)
i won't post any pictures from christmas morning. don't you worry...we all looked like a million bucks. we stayed up late watching "it's a wonderful life" and were up at 6 to open presents. (we never were ones to sleep in....we just get too excited!)

we did have a gingerbread house building contest. i lost...all because ryan can make a dang good icicle. dang, those icicles. don't mind my hair. i took a christmas nap with wet hair and woke up with kate goslin hair. you know you love it.

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Melissa said...

concrete jungle with green tomatoes. WINNER.