Saturday, December 19, 2009

merry christmas to us

here we are....waiting for elder stewart. with ryan, we had statue of liberty hats. what do you do for an elder coming from south america? mustaches. everyone was a good sport and wore one for a little bit. even the baby :)
and here he is!!! skinny mcgee. he of course took his time, and didn't come down the escalator with the rest of his flight. he made quite the entrance...and we loved every second of it.

first time for nathan to meet the new babe. we were all a little excited if you can't tell. it was hard to give nathan some space. we're all just so glad he's home!!!


hf said...

Awesome! What a welcome home indeed! I love the mustaches, cute, cute, cute!!

Ali said...

this is exccittttingggg! he looks so manly and facial-hairy. NICE! HAPPY DAY fOR THE STEWARTS!!!!