Wednesday, January 13, 2010


last night i went out to dinner with some old work friends. let me clarify. i used to work at an eye doctors and on for my whole college career. these women are from that job.
one has known me since i was 20. heavens, she's seen me through alot...all the while being wise and loving. like another mother away from home that always had my best interest at heart and taught me along the way.
another one is basically family. she came into the picture later than i would have liked, but she's still in the picture so i can't complain. she's the one that always has a joke that's slightly innappropriate, always has something nice to say about you, and basically thinks you are the best thing to walk the face of the earth (even though i am far from it...i can't help but feel better about myself when she's around.) icing on the cake. she's from nevada, and knows the state song, which we sing together regularly.
last but not least is like a sister. people confused us for sisters all the time, which was a compliment because she is one hot cookie. last night i was reminded that this particular hot cookie is now a mother. i met her child last night, and he is the cutest thing of all time. we have too many inside jokes to count, and she helped me survive a ridiculous amount of "trials" that entered and exited my life. turtle power. so funny at my house last night. plus, we have matching glasses - which basically bonds us for life.

it's funny how i haven't seen them for so long...and it didn't feel like that. of course, there was a fair share of catching up, but i love that we all sat around and chatted like nothing had changed. everyone loved eachother. everyone was thrilled about new things. everyone was supportive. everyone laughed at others jokes. everyone was genuinely interested in what the other person had to say. and everyone was happy for eachothers successes and upcomings. needless to say, i left feeling like a million bucks. i could conquer the world. i was talented and had things to offer. i was deserving of a relationship.

i love these women.

then i went home.

guess who was waiting for me?? my lovely roommates. we had dinner together. we sat around and talked and laughed. my brother stopped by to say hi. he joined our talking and laughing. before you knew it, it was past my bedtime. dang.

tonight is my night to cook. did i tell you we are taking turns cooking meals in my house? it's so nice to sit down together and eat a real meal. at a table. with other people eating the same thing. divine. so tonight i'm making THIS ....and it will be good. and then we are going running (at the indoor track of course. bad air. dang utah)

life. is. good.

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Whitney said...

Sounds absolutely fabulous.

PS. You CAN conquer the world.