Wednesday, January 13, 2010

this year i will......

  1. learn to use, and actually use my sewing machine.
  2. listen more than i talk
  3. fit into those pants
  4. keep my glasses in cases instead of ziploc bags
  5. make my bed
  6. sell something on etsy
  7. be confident in my abilities
  8. go camping with friends
  9. try something new
  10. roadtrip to st. george
  11. call old friends
  12. drink more water
  13. be happy
  14. check my voicemails (i promise!)
  15. go somewhere i haven't been before
  16. regularly attend the temple
  17. pay off my credit card
  18. learn all the words to all the verses of my favorite hymn
  19. be honest with myself and others
  20. read a book
  21. get over it
  22. write real letters...and actually mail them
  23. bake something spectacular
  24. floss my teeth
  25. be myself. 100% of the time


Whitney said...

Love you.

Steven & Jennifer Clegg said...

OK... so I was reading your list and I have a few suggestions.

#10. Roadtrip to St. George
#13. Be happy
#15. Go somewhere I haven't been before

#10. Roadtrip to Sacramento
#13. Be happy... while in Sacramento.
#15. Go to Steve, Jen and Olivia's because I've never been there before.
or add one more...
#26. Go visit Olivia.

Like I said, just a few suggestions :)

Bethany said...

jen. funny you say that. i've been thinking i need a trip to california....

Meggera said...

Love this list... so so many good goals Beth. P.S. It is HARD to sell something on Etsy... good luck to you woman!

The Walkers said...

you're missing something. does "swim like a frog" ring a bell?

Steve Lamb said...

I love your list! I love that you are making a goal to put your glasses in their cases rather than in baggies!! Too funny...