Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Goodbye, March 15th....

Hello April 15th.

It's not as much fun to say goodbye to a deadline when you have another one right on it's heels.

things i will be blogging about in the near future:
  • moving
  • st george
  • moving again (yeah, i'll kind of be moving twice..or thrice, however you want to look at it)
  • the ultimate competition of death (what was i thinking??)
  • job hunt
  • bowling
  • LOST

tonight is a celebration, for alot of reasons. #1 lost night #2 lost/last supper #3 i don't have to be at work before 8 am tomorrow (which after tuesday morning meetings at 7:30...is a cel.e.bra.shun.)


Whitney said...

Celebrate good times. Come on.

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

I'm confused, are bras linked to the celebration?

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

LOST is a plenty good reason to celebrate. We will be doing the same, no bras involved.

Bethany said...

Although bras were in attendance (by default) they were not a part of the celebration. I did shimmy once which may or may not have been appropriate.