Friday, March 19, 2010

just like a tattoo

i am a tattooed woman.
one of four.
this is what happens after two games of bowling and NOT breaking 100. so close, yet so far away. (it was our work ugly bowling party..hence my red sleeping glasses and my gem of a pink shirt. and don't worry, it's only a rub on tattoo...i think)
i'm off tonight. weekend in st. george with my lovely family. 70 degrees. softball tourney. 4-wheelers. late night chats with the fam. did i mention sun and 70 degree weather?
plus, i bought a magic bullet. which is magic.
ps. did you know that after today there are only 3 more fridays left in tax season?? just saying...


Whitney said...

The snow flurries this morning make St. George even better. Here comes the sun.

Ali said...

what is a magic bullet???

Steve Lamb said...

4-wheelers, bowling, and tattoos? Whens the next NASCAR event? Hehehe!