Tuesday, March 23, 2010

st. george, we love thee

The last couple times I’ve been to St. George have been with friends, so it was fun to finally go there to play with my family. Beb had a softball tournament, so we all make the trek for a weekend o fun at the cottage. Peace, love and 4 wheelers.

what? we went to the gym, ya know...just to work out. well, i had to go to the gym and my family was nice enough to join me. it was so much fun...and my brothers are buff, just a warning.

the main reason for us going: beb's tournament. her team won the whole she-bang! it was so fun to see her with her teammates and out on the field. 3 softball games, 2 4-wheeler rides, a trip to the pool, and a session at the gym in one day wore me out.

the whole clan (minus kev...we missed you!!)
twas a fun trip.
st. george, again, did not disappoint.
(ps...don't we all look sun-kissed? yes, yes we do.)


Jenny Alama said...

this makes me so jealous. i want sun. i want a vacation. i want four wheelers. lucky...

ps you should update my blog address. itsthefirstdayofmylife.blogspot.com


Heather and Taylor said...

Darling family picture at the bottom!! And u all do look very sunkissed.. Jealous! Let's catch up soon! I need to show u my tree!

Whitney said...

I'm glad you liked my line, because it's going to be the title of my post when I finally get around to it. Also, bottom picture minus my child who got lost walking back to the car, remember? Mom checked after we found him and he wasn't in that last picture. We all started to get up, and so did he, and he didn't see us come back for one more pic.

It was a glorious and sunny weekend. I love us.

...the boy...and...the girl... said...

SOO SOO JEALOUS! I want to go for a visit. Last time was Conference Weekend 2007. It's been FOREVER!!

Ali said...

b you're hot.