Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Now I shout it from the highest hill.....

Ok. Here i am. perky and ready to blog. First, let me explain the clip and blog title. Calamity Jane, ever heard of it? We used to use this song when we were little to tease siblings about young love. now i use it with any secret.

here goes.

I'm moving to salt lake. this might not seem like a big deal to any of you, but this is a big deal. moving to salt lake requires me to quit my current job. i'm sad about leaving the people... i don't know how much i will miss taxes, especially right after tax season. squire has been a fantastic place to work.

Remember this post?? funny for me to read that now. I start working efy the first week of june. don't judge me. i'm very excited about it, and a little nervous at the same time. there's alot of changes that have been made to the program and i feel a little rusty. i'm super excited to work with a team again, meet new people and work with the youth. in short - i'm excited. really excited.

as you know, efy is a summer job. yes, that means i will be looking for work in slc come august. right now i have the mindset that i need to focus on tax season, and after April 15th i can start looking for work. do i know what i want to do? nope. i have a lot of ideas, but i haven't officially started looking.

there's still alot of unknowns. is that scary? you bet. am i doing it anyways? yes sir. am i excited for new things? new people, new roommates, new area, new ward, new job, new new new new new. YES. not that i hate provo. not that i'm too cool for provo...but i've been here a long time. i'm excited to be forced out of my comfort zone and try new things.

so, let the games begin.

"now my secret love's no"


Jill said...

I'm goin' ta get Danny.

Jill said...

That was the only 'Calam' quote I could think of.

Meggera said...

CANNOT. WAIT. We will be "neighbors" once more!

Shannon said...

Bethany this just made my day! You must call me and I can fill you in on all the living in SLC deets.
You will love it! There are so many great people and adventures to be had!

Ali said...

love the song. love you. love the changes. love love love.

Katie said...

new house... Well, not new as in new, but new as in different. :) I really hope it works out!!

Melissa said...

doris. whattaa babe.

salt lake city is mighty pretty but it aint got what we got.

i love yoouuu

Heather and Taylor said...

I'm going to miss having you around here!

Whitney said...

Big changes like this are exciting and a little scary at the same time.

"Let the games begin." This makes me think of one thing: Can you guess which book I started reading this morning? Check my twitter if you cannot decipher.

Megs said...

So happy for the possibilities that SLC has in store for you! New things are always great ways to grow.. I wanna know the EFY changes... call me sometime and fill me in.