Monday, November 22, 2010


ok, girls (and any boy that feels the need to offer up an opinion).....i've decided to get bangs. you heard me. bangs. right now in my awkward stage of growing my hair out, i'm patiently waiting for the sides and back to grow out. the front of my hair right now just seems to get in the way. i've been braiding my bangs alot lately, or pinning them back. i'm wondering if it will make my hair look like it's really growing out and getting longer on the sides, or if bangs will just make me look foolish.

these are a few pictures that caught my eye with bangs on the brain:

and here's a few that scream at me:
 "BANGS ARE A BAD IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

please advise.

thank you.



I love the 1st picture of bangs. Missed your face last night.

Meggera said...

I think that 2 & 5 are also bad ideas. I would love to see you with 3 or 4!

Tiff said...

If you do it - go with #3 or 4. :)