Thursday, December 9, 2010

the latest and the greatest.

i don't really have any new great grand wonderful news. now that i'm settled in salt lake, life has settled. don't get me wrong, i have plenty swarming around in my head.

thought #1: i love friends, and i love nicknames. i hate the combination of this friend and this nickname. please remain a secret forver.

thought #2: after all that second guessing, it was a good idea after all.

thought #3: i really need to clean my room. i never want to clean my room.

thought #4: not that i'm complaining, but there is no snow on the ground. and not that many christmas lights up. even though i've been to temple square 3 times, it still doesn't quite feel like christmas...

thought #5: i need to go to the temple.

thought #6: am i really going to read my book for book club this month or should i just pretend i read my book for book club this month?? seriously, we meet on sunday.

thought #7: life is interesting, isn't it.



#1: I know this nickname, yes? ;)

#6: You must read the book for this Sunday. I think you will enjoy!

Whitney said...

Enjoying your regular blogging.

And AMEN, we drove around to look at Christmas lights tonight and no one has any up this year. Bah humbug.

Bethany said...

oh yes, shell. you know. and i'm ashamed. but not really...

circle for life.
you phone is stupid.

Tiff said...

Miss you.
You're great.
That's all. =D