Friday, January 14, 2011

so hot.

my room is so hot right now. i'm actually awake because it's so hot. i've actually opened a window it's so hot. i know what you're thinking.

beth, go turn down those heated floors of yours.

not that easy i think my room is just hotter than the rest of the house. i step outside of my room and it's normal. inside my room, heat box.

i'm fine to sleep with the window cracked. i do it on a regular basis. except right now, something is melting right outside my window, and with a window well full of leaves, it sounds like water hitting a tarp right outside my window.

i can't decide which is worse. hot beth or rain tarp.

on a different note, i had a great night. fun with a bestie. i'm grateful for good friends. the conversations we're comfortable having about things that are important to us. being able to goof around and be silly. and being able to be in the same house and facebook chat from different rooms.

now thats real friendship.


DeeAura said...

I miss you. :) Also, your brother came boarding with us last Friday, and it made me miss you even more. That is all.

Steve Lamb said...

You need to get out of there.. heated floors are just scary.. I am sure there are heated floors in hell, thats how scary they are..

Whitney said...

"i can't decide which is worse. hot beth or rain tarp."