Wednesday, January 12, 2011

like mike

i went to a basketball game, and i wore blue. obviuosly not everyone in my party was smart enough to follow suit. byu spanked utah. it was a fun game. and i love these girls, so basically the night was fantastic.

not that you would have thought anything about it, but i thought i would share. notice how my bangs are pinned back? maybe it's because i tried to cut them myself. duuuuuuuuuhhh, beth. how many times can you learn that lesson the hard way? obviuosly, not enough times. i got a little scissor happy, and i should probably have a professional take a peek at them before i venture out into public (read: anywhere other than work, my house or scotts house)
speaking of scotts house, i now have two hair clients. roommate joey is now sporting a new cut thanks to "hair by beth". okay, i came up with that on the fly. my professional hair salon name, not the fact that i gave joey a haircut, which turned out really nice by the way.
maybe thats my problem. cutting the boys hair has tricked me into thinking i know how to cut bangs, leading to the massacre that now drapes across my forehead (and that's nicely put)

for now, "hair by beth" only cuts boys hair. dang it.

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Steve Lamb said...

Really... Blue... How dare you. I am a Ute through and through.. We can still be friends though, I guess. I like the bangs back!