Tuesday, January 11, 2011

things i learned today:

1. byu basketball is better than utah basketball.
2. i can shower and do my hair in less than 30 minutes.
3. vision. pressure. dilate.
4. lockdown is real life.
5. it is still winter, and still bitterly cold.
6. in the bitter cold weather, limbs tend to go slightly numb when walking across fields of snow and ice. do not whack frozen body parts on things, like fences as you hop them.
7. just because you whack your knee hard on the fence does not mean that you get a cool wound...or even a bruise. dang, nothing to show for it.
8. distractions are not always bad. in fact, alot of times they can be really good.
9. not that i just learned this today, but i was reminded that i have good people in my life.
10. "sure" is not an answer. "yes" or "no" is an answer. if i say sure, i'm just agreeing with the statement/question and not really answering. (sorry scott)
11. i give good haircuts. i not only have one client, but two. except they're not really clients, just my friends.
12. even though i'm out of shape, i'm still in shape enough to give a friend a piggy back halfway to the car. uphill. both ways. okay, it was only uphill one way, but i did carry a person up a hill....
13. sometimes it's just good to run into unexpected friends in unexpected places. nice chatting, kyle.



Last night was so great! I loved when you gave Shan a piggy back ride. You're such a giver.

Steve Lamb said...

It IS bitterly cold outside!! I don't like it... I agree, BYU will be better this year than Utah.. it pains me to say this. Why are you hopping fences? Do they not have employee parking at the Moran? Next time I see you I expect a piggy-back ride.. up hill.

Jenny and Josh said...

I was thinking about how cold it is today. And then I remembered walking to the store in Nauvoo in December. Suddenly SLC isn't so cold any more. :)