Monday, January 10, 2011

mucho take it easy.

so sometimes things happen that rub me the wrong way. sometimes these things make me freak out. get too emotionally involved. make quick irrational decisions.

i get worked up. and sometimes, being the person to tell me i'm getting worked up over nothing is not the best/most fun job to have. (sorry dad).

don't worry. i'm ok. i've had a second to breathe. i even cried for 3 seconds. and now i'm fine. i'm going to sleep it off. and in the morning, i'm going to realize even more so than i do now that dad was right. there's nothing i can do about it but have a cool head.

tomorrow is a new day.
tomorrow will be great.
80 days from now will be great.
6 days from now will be great.
25 days from now will be great.
5 days from now will be great.

see? i'm feeling better already....


Meggera said...

Oh now I'm just intrigued... tell me tell me.

Steve Lamb said...

What in the world!? You should find someone to slap in the face... that helps me...

Jenny and Josh said...

haha, my dad is that person for me too. I am constantly apologizing to him for "losing it".
Hope you are feeling better :)