Sunday, January 9, 2011


today at church, we learned about faith. nothing new, right? wrong. that's one thing i love about going to church. even though we can be taught the same priciples over and over again, if we go with a spirit of learning, the spirit can teach us something new every time, even if the topic is "same ol' same ol'"

today was on of those days. we learned about faith in the plan that our Heavenly Father has for us. Heavenly Father's plan may not always be the same as our plan, and that's where faith comes in. to be able to set aside, even abandon our plan completely and trust in the Lord. alot easier said than done, right?
Sometimes it's easy for me to think that my plan and the Lords plan are one in the same. it's not like i'm seeking after fame or fortune, or even worldly things. since my desires are righteous desires, then obviously it's what the Lord wants for me. i'm learning thats not completely correct.

we also learned today about having faith in the Lords timing. sometimes it's easy for us to look at this phase of life as just temporary, until we move onto bigger or better things. graduation, marriage, dream job, future family. instead, we should look at this time as preparatory for the next phase of life. enjoy every minute, and make the most of your time. are you really working to become better so when that next phase comes, you are prepared and ready for the new challenges the Lord has for you?

maybe it doesn't quite make complete sense for me to ramble on about it now, but it had a real effect on me today. it's not that i've been down in the dumps lately about where i am in life, or even questioning the Lords plan for me, but i think there are times everyday where i have little doubts in regards to life currently. i think that's where i need to put on the brakes and realize that there is a purpose for every season of life, and make the most of the opportunities i have now to learn and become better.

and that's my sermon for the day.


Steve Lamb said...

Thanks Beth I needed to hear that today. You already know about my meltdowns (yes plural...) and I think that they had everything to do with a lack of faith. When we lose our eternal perspective on things, we lose all sense of purpose. I am learning to embrace every season of life, but sometimes I am just not a fast learner! Thanks for the sermon, sister!

Whitney said...

Did I mention you're cool?

Shannon said...

Amen! ;-)