Friday, January 7, 2011

i'm sick.


let's be serious. the friends are all out playing rockband. by out, i mean at someone elses house. where am i? on the couch watching say yes to the dress and four weddings.

do i feel bad about it? not really. i'm tired. it's been a long week, dang it.

one of the doctors commented on my raspy voice today. i made a joke, asking him to write me a prescription. he told me to get some sleep. lots of sleep. i'm sure he was just being a smart mouth, but i'm going to pretend that wasn't the case and follow my doctors advice. tomorrow, i'm sleeping. all day.

1 comment:

Steve Lamb said...

I think I am a carrier... Sorry! Everytime I see you, you get sick... Next time I will wear a mask or something..