Wednesday, January 5, 2011

mumbo jumbo

today was special. and not like close to my heart special, the other kind. i don't know that i have complete thoughts right now, so you get a list. i know, you love them. i understand that not all of these will make sense. sorry charlie.

  • i love when people talk to me about my blog. and thanks for pointing out that i have horrible grammar and punctuation (chance). i'm glad you deal with it and love me anyways.
  • i don't care whose friend you are or what mountain you climbed or if you're rich. your breath kind of stinks, and you're i'm going to harbor bad feelings about and towards you.
  • today i just wanted to come home and take a hot shower...and i did...for 45 minutes. maybe only girls will understand this, but you know when you really want to take a hot shower, but you don't want to do you hair afterwards (so badly don't want to do your hair that it almost makes you forgo hot shower that is calling your name)?? well, that was me tonight. guess what, i'm laying here with my hair up in a towel. will it get done? sure. when will that be? who knows.
  • this morning i paid rent. i also included a note with rent letting my landlord know that i would be moving out at the end of my 6 moth lease. that means i have somewhere to live until the end of march. which means i'll be moving again on conference weekend. (yeah right. i will prepare and make sure that does not happen) i think that i gave her notice kind of on impulse...seeing as how i don't really have plans of where i'll be going or living. welllll. it's done now.
  • does anyone have any suggestions of where i should live? i'm thinking sugarhouseish. i'm thinking lds roommates. i'm thinking less than what i'm paying now. i'm thinking normal girls. i'm thinking month to month.
  • i'm really glad you're on a mission. really glad.
  • i work at an eye center. i understand that other ailments going on with your body can affect your vision. under no circumstances does that ever mean i need to see body parts that are normally covered by clothing.  but thanks anyways....i guess.
  • i'm so glad i got a 15 minute lunch today. (please note that i raised my eyebrow and just gave the computer a look. just be glad you can't see me right now or you would have gotten a look too)
  • speaking of seeing me right now, remember how i have skype now? sometimes i think it's a great idea and other times i think there is no way that anyone should see how i look at certain times of the day. like right now for example. i wish i could give you a visual, but trust's for the best if we don't.
  • i had dinner with friends last night. i'm still waiting for sweet linze to post the picture she  took of us so i can post it here. when she posts it on her blog, i will steal it and then talk about how much i like the people in the picture.
  • last night i also watched a show on tlc called extreme couponing. i don't know that i have words for it. it was shocking. it was extreme. it was cool.
  • i missed the season premiere of biggest loser last night. it was worth it.
  • i lost my debit card....and credit card. again. yes, again. they maybe laughed at me at the bank today when i requested new cards. and thats when i realized that i'm not attracted to boys that have longer fingernails than me. thanks eric for being flirtatious and being interested in my job and new years activities and helping me next time. actually, no thanks.
  • i just got great news from a friend. in fact, i'm slightly jealous of her news. crap.
  • i really just want more friends on skype. ok, i'll admit that i think it's really cool. why has it taken so long for me to catch on to this craze????
  • i secretly want to see tangled again. enough that i have considered going by myself.
ok. wow.

i think i need to close my eyes for a bit and give my headache a minute to cool down. and by cool down, i mean go away.



That was a lot of mumbo jumbo and I loved it...a lot.

- I have skype. Let's skype. While in the same room. Can we conference call others on skype...anonymously? Hee hee
- BL was good last night and your face was missed.
- Let's see each other soon, yes?

Katie said...

Um I think your list posts are my favorite. Really. Except for they're kinda mysterious sometimes and I want all the juicy details. PS... daughter dinner soon? And PPS my skype name is katiebastian. Add me! :)

Whitney said...

Miss you. Also, I would like to use your sander sometime soon. But really I miss you, not your sander.

Melissa said...

another day gone ignored. see if i let you name your first born after me.

Shannon said...

I added you as my skype friend...maybe we can skype tonight?
Wait my computer is broken.
Tangled instead?

Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

will you be our skypeing friend?

Steve Lamb said...

I am adding you to skype soon. Tangled 3D.. let's do it.