Sunday, May 15, 2011

Second wind

Most people like second winds. I would say for the most part I like second winds. I just don't like them when they're at 3:42 in the morning. My computer just died and the charger is in the front room, so I'm blogging from my phone. Is there such a thing as a lazy second wind? Maybe.

I like this picture:

Mostly because I like these people. Remember how I got beef jerky in my Easter basket? Classic.

How do you feel about being brave? And what do you think the difference is between being brave and being bold? Or is there a difference at all? And sometimes do you ever ask yourself,"why do I have to be the brave one?"

Sometimes I text people when I'm not fully coherent. This usually gets me into trouble. Tricky thing is, it's probably some of the most honest texts you'll ever get from me. If you really want to know how I feel about something, text me late at night. I've been known to respond. Consider yourself warned.

Families are great things. The more I open up to my family and involve them in my life, the more I'm made aware of how much they love and care about me. Not many girls can call their brothers for a shoulder to cry on lucky me, I've got 5 brothers, 4 sisters, 2 parents and a partridge in a pear tree. Can't wait for family campout. In my mind, memorial day weekend can't come soon enough.

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Ryan said...

So good to see you Friday!

Meggera said...

Wait, why is there any crying on shoulders to do?!... CALL ME!