Wednesday, May 11, 2011


was special.
it all started when i woke up with a headache.
and then showed up 15 minutes late to my 7 am study session.
and then my clinic was cancelled.
someone at work today told me i was being cheeky.
i'll admit i was being a little sarcastic all day.
i did have some good one liners, though.

but let's be real.
a few good things happened today.
like talking to cindy on the phone.
and talking to my mom on the phone.
and looking at way too many of my brothers gorgeous engagement pictures.
and remembering i have an hsa account with money in it.
and 5:00.
and leftovers.
and the chocolate i'm about to go buy at the store.
and this song:

well, lookie there. looks like there were more good things than bad. i knew blogging was a good idea.

(also good things are going to scriptures and an early bed time. glorious.)

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