Monday, May 30, 2011

you betcha

today was wild and crazy.

i woke up - with a headache - so i was basically ready to lay around all day and do nothing while i healed from a weekend of rain and cold. i chatted with my roommate while she packed her bags. she's leaving for 2 weeks for work, so that means i have to upstairs to myself.
when my headache finally went away, it started to rain. there went my idea to go to the park. i was still not motivated to clean. or switch my laundry over (whoops, i actually just remembered that. i better go do that). or go grocery shopping.
it stopped raining, so i decided to leave the house. i went to the grocery store to buy a card. and then i had the grand idea that i needed a new pair of shoes. so i headed to nordstrom rack. they didn't fail me and i bought a new pair of black pumas. i am going to wear them to work tomorrow.
after my shoes i stopped off at mcdonalds for some ice. yes, i realize it's becoming a problem, but at least i'm not eating couch cushions or comet. and i officially checked with them, and my ice refills are free if i go inside and fill it up. boo yah.
and now i'm catching up on some tv shows. i just realized that with my cable i can "catch up" with my on demand thingy. fancy that.
did i mention that while i was "catching up", i signed up for a gym membership? it's true. here's to hoping i don't fall of the treadmill  :)

yes. i'm watching sister wives.


Kayce said...

Don't fall off the treadmill unless I'm there to see it. I think there needs to be balance in the world on that one. :)

Lamb said...

Good choice. Pumas never fail to be hip. Sister Wives on the other hand.... I did try watching it, but I couldn't support the abomination of it all.

Steven & Jennifer Clegg said...

Love the shoes. Love Sister Wives. Love you. Your blog posts are always entertaining :)

Whitney said...

Boo yah.