Monday, June 6, 2011

let me clarify...

  • i hate the new old navy commercial. if i hear the vacay sway one more time, i'm going to [vomit]
  • bentley is a j-e-r-k. so comforting to know he's from salt lake city, isn't it?
  • today i met with our refractive specialist. i got really good news. and then i watched my "educational video" and took my advanced surface treatment quiz. now i just have to get a few more measurements and then i'll be ready for surgery. to say i'm getting excited is an understatement!!!
  • i know people say that honesty is the best policy, but sometimes it can just be really hard to be honest with people. it always seems to be people you care most about, and it always seems to involve feelings in my case. why? sometimes i think i tell myself i'm just avoiding drama, when in reality i might actually be creating it by not being honest with my feelings. whhheewww. that's alot.
  • i hate rc willey commercials. who in the world picks out paige davis' outfits? they are horrible. she is horrible.
  • i llllllllloooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee this commercial. i laugh outloud everytime i see it.
  • i ordered my future sil's bridal shower invitations on shutterfly. guess what, they NEVER came. i called to complain and get my money back. instead, they wanted to redo my order and have it overnighted to me. fantastic, except it's an invitation for a shower on saturday. i'm going to mail them on tuesday. that means people will get them on thursday. rsvp regrets only. way to go, shutterfly. you've got a customer for life.
  • guess who came to visit me this week?? this guy. (sorry linz. you happen to be in one of the only normal pictures of me and ryan!) WHAT A SURPRISE!!! i'm more than happy it was a slow day in clinic. i got to clock out, and go sit and talk with my fake husband for over an hour. love this kid, and glad he lives [kind of] close.
  • these girls are coming to my house on wednesday. i have a feeling there will be ice cream. alot of talking. and alot of laughing. i don't get to see these girls as often as i would like, but when we get out.
  • i just started watching extreme makeover weight loss edition. i have a feeling that i am going to be weeping in about 4 minutes.
  • my work has a triage clinic. it's like an ER for eyeballs. as far as i know, it's the only one of it's kind salt lake and davis county (don't quote me on that). sometimes it's really slow. sometimes it's really busy. and you never quite know what you're gonna get. i worked there this afternoon, and it was cah-razy busy. dang. that's all.
  • did i mention i'm getting a little excited about getting lasik? just checking. :)


Katie said...


Is it bad that I was secretly glad Jenny picked Wednesday so I wouldn't have to miss the Bachelorette?

Jill said...

See you Saturday.

Whitney said...

Did you hear it's Timpanogos temple instead of SLC on Saturday?

Lamb said...

I hate RC Willy. Period. I haven't seen the new Old Navy commercials, but I guess I should be thankful. The Bachelorette? Sister Wives? We need to discuss your tv habits... Let me know what you think of that blog I sent you though... Anyway, have fun this week and now that my parents are settled in we should play!

Meggera said...

.. Ugh, hate that VacaySway. Especially the fact that she CAN'T dance... YUCK.

Jenny Alama said...

So, I am catching up on blogs... I love that you mentioned the RC Willey commercials because Fez hates Paige Davis too. Like, really hates. Haha! And I have one word for you. Blessings.