Thursday, June 9, 2011

seconds, please.

i'm not talking about dinner here, people. i'm talking about cousins. i am over the top lucky when it comes to the cousin department...and not just in first cousins. i've been pen pals with these girls and been camping with them once a year since i can remember. oh, the adventures we would have "off in the woods". and maybe we bonded over having weekend crushes on other cousins. [ok, we were young and maybe didn't fully understand] these cute girls are married now and have cute little families, but it's always a riot to catch up with them over memorial day weekend at the dfc. [ps, we were at the family dance, which might explain some of the poses. i'm sure justin bieber was on...or the chicken dance or something...]

my mom made a good point at campout this year. most people spend memorial day weekend remembering the dead. visiting cememtaries. she pointed out how lucky we are to remember our heritage, our ancestors by celebrating life and family relationships. [i hope that made sense] i agree with mom on this one. i'm so grateful to belong to a family where we remember where we came from, the legacy that was left by my ancestors, and celebarte the relationships we have and the gospel that blesses our lives.

here's to family. here's to cousins. here's to seconds.

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DeeAura said...

LOVE this, and your take on Memorial Day. Love it. Love you. SO much. :)