Sunday, June 19, 2011

wedding bliss

when i told people my brother was getting married over the weekend, i got the same answer over and over again. "didn't your brother just get married???" well, yes he did. but this is other brother. we were so excited for another reason to get together and celebrate with family. the day was perfect. we love nathan and caitie!!

(did i mention that my sister hailie is a very talented photographer? she was good enough to sneak some of these shots. did i also mention she is extremely cute pregnant?)

my double trouble brothers. too much.

handsome boys.
love this girl. hate that she always looks like a model.

sometimes i still can't believe that this is my family. there are so many people!

i forget that we are all grown ups now. weird!!
i'm also remembering now that our photographer was having some issues with height in this picture. she said we were all the same height and so it was just so hard. i was standing in the middle, and after alot of moving around, i ended up on the end. looking at the picture now, i'm understanding it just looked weird to have the shortest person in the middle. just in case you were wondering, matthew and i measured ourselves at grandmas this week. i haven't grown at all in 10 years. matthew grew an inch in 6 months, officially making me the shortest person in my family. i guess i better get used to standing on the end in pictures....

best dad in the world. happy fathers day, dad!!!

we even had time to practice our model shots. seriously.

do i have beautiful sisters or what????? good thing i have megan and caitie... now i don't look so out of place with my dark hair :)


Whitney said...

GREAT day.

Lamb said...

So. Many. Weddings.

Ali said...

b i love love your hair. you look goooood gina