Sunday, July 3, 2011

looking through new eyes

i'll apologize for typos ahead of time. it will make sense later.

Thursday morning i woke up early and went to breakfast with ry and hay. they drove up to take me in for surgery. getting my eyes lasered is soemthing i've wanted to do for a long time, but just never went through with it. last minute everything fell into place and i went for it. i had a surgery called PRK which is a little different from LASIK. i wasn't nervous about the surgery, more nervous for after surgery. i was told to not make any plans for the weekend, which turned out to be good advice.
since surgery, i've slept alot. I've learned that wearing sunglasses inside is not only cool, but necessary.I've learned that i can recognize what show is on tv just by the voices i hear (maybe that's too pathetic to admit). I've learned that putting your drops in in very important. i've learned that i would rather have no legs than be blind. i've learned the importance of sleeping with clear shields taped to my face. i've learned that this surgery is AMAZING, and i can't wait until my vision clears up.

end of story, i survived. i think. i still can't see crispy clear. i get my bandage contacts out on tuesday. yippee. and from there, onward and upward.

i've learned alot while i've been partially blind.
  • dad was right.lortab might not always make the pain go away, but it will make you not care as much.
  • sometimes toast is really the only thing that sounds good
  • unless there are mandarin egg rolls on the table, then i will pass up toast
  • i fogot how much i liked disney television movies.
  • if i cry in movies, i still need to use my artificial tears
  • it's not as much fun to watch makeover shows on tv when you can't actually see the makeover
ps. i have my surgery on video. i've told myself that i don't want to watch it until my eyes are feeling better...and until i can actually see it. are you brave enough to watch it???



I want to watch the surgery! Circle time.

Whitney said...

Loved the surgery video. You rock.