Sunday, July 10, 2011

sunburns, rain, and roadsigns

howdy. just back from a weekend home with my family. it was great to be at home with everyone. it was a first to all be there with the new additions, and it was great. my mother is a great hostess, and always makes coming home such an event. plenty of food, clean sheets on your bed, and enough laughs to last a lifetime.
our neighbors were kind enough to let us use their pool all day saturday, so i decided to head over for a bit. it was so nice to lounge in the water and get some sun. i think you know where i'm going with this, and i'm sure you're rolling your eyes. i obviously haven't learned my lesson, and forgot that my thighs havent seen the sun for quite some time. whoops.
saturday night was nathan and caitie's open house, which was our purpose for the whole trip. it was alot of fun to see familiar faces. i love an excuse to celebrate, and it was fun to get dressed up again. plus they had this artichoke dip that was to die for.
we headed back up to utah early afternoon. about 20 miles outside of mesquite, there was quite the storm. i swear it felt like we were in the middle of a monsoon/tornado/hail storm/hell. visibility was horrible, and i swore my car was going to be dented like crazy from all of the hail. we would pull over and wait for it to let up, but then the hail was so bad we'd try to keep moving. a huge road sign had blown over and was laying across a lane on the highway. don't worry, we ran right over it going about 25 mph. that's probably when i started really freaking out. i was worried about my car, but it's not like we could hop out in monsoon weather and check it out. we had to keep driving to mesquite.
my brother got us to a gas station and we hopped out to see the damage, which is when i about lost it. we met up with my other siblings who had been driving behind us and we all stood around the car in the rain, which is when i really lost it. like i had been trying to be brave with alot of things over the past few weeks and not show real emotion and now i couldn't hold anything back anymore. that's when i left and went inside the gas station to get out of the rain and call my dad. except the gas station was pack full, so i went in the back corner by all of the beer, pulled my cap down so no one could see my face and called my dad to cry.
my dad's really good at putting things into perspective. and now i'm ok. my car is just a thing, and it can be fixed. but everyone was ok, and we were out of the storm...thank goodness.
i finally made it home. and now i'm laying in bed wearing the only thing that won't touch my sunburn. no, not my birthday swimming suit. i probably would have gone for birthday, but i have to sleep with my door open to get some cool air from the swamp cooler into my room, and the last thing i want is for a roommmate to pop theiir head in and get a birthday surprise.

for the first time in a long time, i just really want it to be monday.


Gregory said...

I could use a little of this upcoming Friday! I say we buy a used TV, take it out back, and shoot it up to hell. This should provide us with the sanity we are all fighting for, right?

Lamb said...

It's called skin cancer... you are going to get it. I am glad you are alive, though!! I can't believe all of this happened. I am a little scared of gregs comment... PS are you still wearing a swim suit.. haha!