Wednesday, July 13, 2011


one of my girlfriends made a group on facebook a while back and invited a group of girls. the premise of the group was that we were all cool. nothing ever really happened with the group, until i was really bored and stuck at home after my eyes got lasered. i somehow ended up on that group page and realized something. it was a random group of girls. we all knew eachother in round about ways. most of them i knew really well. some of them i only knew a little bit. but i knew that i liked all of them alot. i posted on the wall and suggested dinner, and GNO was born. not all the members of our little group were able to make it, but i was thrilled to join these girls for a night on the town, a night to catch up, gossip about the lastest, and talk about secret things, just like you do when you are hanging out with your long lost girlfriends.


DeeAura said...

And it was OH so good. I just love you, Beth. To overflowing.

Lindsey Robb said...

girl you def get the award for making this magic happen!