Monday, July 25, 2011

weekend a la cabin and the great experiment

i'm pretty sure these pictures say it all. DEMOLITION DERBY. i don't know what was better, watching the derby or watching the people at the derby. in addition to the derby, i watched a dance competition with like 30 people (none of which could actually dance), a jousting competion (that lasted about 30 minutes too long), i saw a couple get engaged, and a man lick horse poo for a free pass to 18 holes of golf. classy.
icing on the cake, they had an awesome firework show after the derby. i was sooo sad i'd missed 4th of july fireworks with my surgery, so i was thrilled when they shut the lights off in the arena and the fireworks started. the music selection for the fireworks show was a different story...but i still loved it.

sunday after church we headed up the canyon to hike these waterfalls. perfect weather. perfect company. perfect mosquitos. except for the mosquitos.

and now. what you've all been waiting for. the great experiment. let me explain. saturday afternoon before i headed up to the cabin i went out to lunch with some girlfriends (i'll post about that later). one of said girlfriends had gorgeous curls in her hair. she told me she curled her hair with a sock. she learned from a video on youtube.
seriously? her hair was gorgous. i had to try it. but wait, i have short hair.
but don't worry, i was at the cabin with three cousins with long hair.
so last night, the experiment began. we cut our socks and i sent them to bed.

and then this morning we took out the sock and found these beauties.


please oh please try it. and then tell me it works.
it makes wish i had long hair. (only for like one minute, but still)


Whitney said...

Two thumbs up on the great experiment. Haven't you always coveted curly hair? I have.

Could you teach me how to do those photo collages on your phone? Thought it was a picasa thing.

Melissa said...

yessss trying it tonight.

Lamb said...

girls are weird..

Laura said...

Okay, so apparently jousting was the most memorable event of the weekend for my children. (probably because it was the longest) The morning started off with them awarding 5 points to each other for something or other, then they were galloping on horses around the house and before I knew it they were jousting down the hall with their fists out, but it all ended rather quickly when one of the riders got jousted in the eye! (Luckily, we did not have time for one more round after that!) Loved spending the weekend with you – now I’m off to see if I can roll a sock without you!