Monday, July 25, 2011


when i was growing up, there was this computer game my brothers would play. like most games, there is a way you could cheat, and my brothers always seemed to find a way to find the codes to do so. but, everytime you would use cheat codes, this weird lady voice would come over the speakers in an english accent... "cheat-ah". you know, like cheater...with an accent.
we still use that accent to say that word when the need arises. i can only think that a few people will want to use it in this situation. let me apologize in advance.

but let me explain. #1, i don't have any pictures. #2, greg is a better blogger than i am. don't you fret, i'll still put in my two cents, but for your viewing pleasure, click here to read about a rip roarin' weekend. now, for my commentary. we left friday afternoon and got down to st george in time for thai food and sushi. i've been to benjas plenty o' fact it's kind of a st george tradition. but i don't think i've ever laughed that hard in benjas. maybe i was just tired, but i have to imagine it was the company. from chopsticks to soy sauce, it was a "new experience".
saturday we played at the pool. i was basically lame at the pool because i was already sunburned from the weekend before in vegas, so i stuck to the shade. trust me, if you would have seen my armpit, you would have told me it was the smartest thing i'd ever done in my entire life. saturday was also the day we found out that pizza factory closed at like 6 o'clock at night. ok, not literally...but it sure seemed that way. which led us to brick oven and the worst server i've ever met.
let me also mention that the ac went out at the cottage. and being the smarty pants that i am, waited as long as humanly possible to call someone to repair it. i love learning things the hard way :) don't worry, it got fixed and the last 18 hours there was nice and cool.
the trip was full of good friends, good food, good laughs, good movies and good naps (which you need after you stay up as late as we did. it's just really hard for me to fall asleep when i'm sleeping in the same bed as one of my best friends. it's just too natural for me to talk and talk and talk. duh)

so here's to an epic trip. ready for round 2???


Lamb said...

Your two cents is always funny and perfect! It WAS a little hot, but it was good because I think I lost a couple pounds:) JK Benjaaaaas is awesome and I want sushi right now...

Meggera said...

Lost a couple of pounds Steven?!... I finally got rid of the weight I held on to in St. George! Beth, your side of stories is always SO much better than my own... continue to blog my dear!