Sunday, July 31, 2011


My mom is in town with my youngest brother. he's going to efy next week, which means i get my mother all to myself. not really, but it means she'll be in slc for part of the week and i like the idea of my mother being 10 minutes away from  me when i get off of work. yesterday we got the crew together and went to lagoon, fondly know in our family as "galoon". trust me, galoon is more fun to say than lagoon. it's like when people call target "tar-zhay" makes you feel like you're on the inside, you know, part of the cool club of people that do their shopping there. sorry that the pictures aren't great quality. only phone pictures.

ryan and i are screamers. does that suprise you? we do this scream thats kind of fake scream (but yesterday i used it as real scream). screaming contests on rides yesterday left my throat raw. how cow, it hurts this morning. (but it was worth it.) and in case you're wondering, ryan just didn't leave his pregnant wife at home and come play without her. halie was out of town with her family so ryan was a bachelor for a few days. good thing i like bachelor ryan :)

its was hot, and humid. after water, the most requested thing in our group was a shower. it was just sticky. i can't complain though, at least it wasn't blaring hot and we didn't leave sunburned...even though i have a new nice little tan line across the top of my feet from my shoes.

i loved getting on rattlesnake rapids when they asked how many were in our party.
"you'll have to split up into three boats"
i love having a big family.
lucky for me i was in the boat with my two newlywed brothers who were more concerned about their wives not getting wet than me. we laughed our faces off on that ride, and i'm happy to say that we all got our fair share of waterfall, dang it.

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Whitney said...


Meags.... said...

B!!! how did we miss each other. I was there too. We call it Magoon at my house. I too had my fair share of the waterfall. :(

andrea said...

Oh my gosh- I was at Lagoon too on Saturday! Why didn't I see you????