Wednesday, July 27, 2011

on the wheels of a dream

last friday night i headed out on the town with these ladies. we had tickets to see the
motab/brian stokes mitchell/linda eder concert down at the conference center. it was soooo good. i was fine until brian sang this song. then maybe i cried.
after the show i introduced the girls to gourmandise. it always seems to be a crowd favorite, and has yet to dissappoint. it's always fun to reunite sugar shack (phase 2) and was so fun to catch up with everyone. love you girls.

saturday afternoon before i headed up to the cabin i met up with these girls for a thai extravaganza. this was quite possibly my largest audience for ugly singing. what can i say, brit brings out the best in me. plus, how can i say no to this face??
we'll miss you linds! good luck with new job and new life. don't forget us. come back and visit soon!!

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Katie said...

don't you EVER go to gourmandise without me again!! ever!

ps wasn't stokes amazing? He is seriously the most kind and gracious man in real life. I like people like that

Lamb said...

Oh BA... I agree with Katie.. don't ever go to Gourmandise without me.. How dare you.