Saturday, October 8, 2011

super saturday

i've been working on alot of projects lately, and by projects....i mean christmas and birthday presents. basically that means i've taken pictures of them, but i can't post them because that would just spoil things. as much as i love giving gifts, it's really hard for me to wait for the appropriate time to give them. like actually waiting until your birthday to give you your birthday present. truth be told, once i have it or make it, i just want you to have it. i get too excited too early. i'm happy to say i have a nice little stockpile of gifts waiting to be gifted.
even better, i have a few projects on my list that i have yet to complete. i looove me a good project. even better, i love when i get to give away said projects. and i mean love love love it.
today i added to my stockpile, and it feels good. i was up bright and early and got alot done this morning. my roommate and i even went to an art fair and a local pumpkin patch to buy some cute white pumpkins for our porch. 

i know i've talked about my roommates before. how i think they're great. how i am so glad that i live with people that share my beliefs, but can still watch an episode of bachelor pad with me. well, watch out-- my roommate andria and i have been two peas in a pod lately. she joined the gym with me. we wake up early to craft together. we decorate the house for holidays. we talk about boys. eat chips and salsa. watch greys anatomy. today when we were driving home from buying peanut butter cookies for breakfast, she told me she was really glad i moved into the house. i have to say that i'm happy too. it's been a long time since i've had almost 2 years. it's nice to get back in a groove with roommates. i'm  loving it :)

and now it's saturday afternoon. my plans for this afternoon fell through, and so i'm taking full advantage of a lazy saturday. movies on tv. sweatshirts and sweatpants. blankets. and a nap. yeah, you heard me. a nap.

happy saturday to you. and you. and you.

frank update: he's not here yet. dang it.


Whitney said...

Well look at you.

I am listening to the belt sander out of the garage as I type. The crafts at our house today are pinewood derby cars. Three of them.

Jill said...

Very cryptic. . . you have good craft sense. I'm excited to see what you've been up to.