Sunday, December 18, 2011


no, no. i didn't run a marathon...but it sure feels like it. last week was full to the brim - all with good things, but full none the less. it called for late nights and early mornings, and by the end of the week the lack of sleep caught up with me. i slept in this morning until 11. that hasn't happened in a long time. thank goodness for 1 o'clock church, right?
i've kind of joked this week that people are starting to act like i won't see them in 2 weeks when i get back from being home for christmas. there seems to be an urgency about seeing eachother before we leave. guess what...i like it. it seems to be a tradition to gather with friends and family this time of year, and frankly, i love the excuse to do it. dinners with friends and coworkers, circle breakfast meetings, gift exchanging, nights with cousins filled with christmas music and gift wrapping, afternoons and grandmas. it reminds me of what's important - the relationships i have with people that i love.
so now that i'm caught up on sleep, i just need to get caught up on laundry :) it would be great if i could come home after christmas to a clean room and a closet full of clean clothes. fingers crossed, i'll get that done today. don't laugh, but i already have monday and tuesday night planned, so that means i need to get cleaned up and packed up early so that i can enjoy time with my friends.

and just in case you forgot, christmas is a week from today. did you know there will be 19 people in my house over christmas break?? bring it on...

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Circle breakfast was just what I needed. Love you