Monday, December 26, 2011

oh there's no place like home for the holidays....

this christmas was nothing short of a miracle. all of my siblings, their spouses and kiddos made it home to my parents for weekend. oh yeah, and grandma too! you counted right....that's 19 people in one house. and yes, we still like eachother.
this seemed to be the year of homemade gifts. for some reason it's more fun to watch someone open a present that you made...and this christmas i was able to help a few people with their homemade gifts - so even though the gift wasn't from me, it was still alot of fun for me to watch them open their gifts.
my sister and her family haven't been to grandmas for christmas in 5 years, so it was an adjustment to have little kids around, seeing as how we've made changes in the past few years to transition to "grown up kid christmas". it was so much fun to see the kids excited about leaving cookies for santa and sneaking down to take a peek to make sure santa found our house.
it was nice to have a reason to get dressed and go to church as a family. my mom was in the choir and dad spoke i church, so good thing the rest of us were there or matthew would have had to sit by himself :)

for those of you that got mad at me for not blogging about my life lately, stay tuned for a few posts about what i've been secretly doing for the past few months...if you look close at the pictures in this post you might get a sneak peek!!

christmas = ultra success

( you see my finished efy t-shirt quilt????? i still can't get over how great it turned out. I LOVE IT. my mother is so talented!!)

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Whitney said...

You made Christmas special for all of us this year. Thanks for letting us tag along.

Caitie said...

so i just read a bajillion of your posts. if only your blog was as small as ryan and halies then maybe i could actually say i read them all on my night shift :) sure do love you. keep blogging cuz they are fun to read. and keep me awake at 4am :)