Tuesday, April 3, 2012

lessons learned

  • today i learned the difference between express mail and priority mail. it's about 40 dollars. duh.
  • last week i learned i run like a 15 minute mile. that has to change, right? or my half marathon will never end....seriously.
  • gambling is a waste of money. ok, so maybe i had a ticket (or 10) for the last mega-million lottery. long story, i won 69 cents. (i lost $9.31)
  • i learned that clothes don't launder themselves. and then they don't hang themselves up either. it's a pity, really.
  • this weekend i learned that my brother got a great job offer...which means he is taking his wife and baby frank to indiana. you read that right. indiana. sad.
  • i also learned that other brother got a job in slc and is moving up here with wifey and soon to be baby girl. happy.
  • regardless of how old or mature i think i am, i still do stupid things.  


Whitney said...

15 minute miles put us at the same pace. You're right: something's gotta change.

PS. Let us soon gather and partay and share the scarf love.

Ali said...

haha I laughed out loud at all of this. i doth love thee.