Monday, April 2, 2012

ok fine.

i accidentally left my blog address in the history on a computer at work. lucky me, one of my favorite residents found it. the same resident that i worked up when he came in for his lasik screening and on his survey wrote that he appreciated my "soft touch". i'm still getting razzed about that by other technicians.
and now he checks my blog. he showed up in clinic and asked me why i hadn't updated my blog over the weekend....that he'd been checking all weekend. for some reason i don't believe him completely, but here i am....updating my blog.

remember my 30 before 30 list? i get to cross something off tomorrow. "#12 send a letter to someone in the mail". even better, i've put together a package. who gets it? wouldn't you like to know. i guess you should check your mailbox in a few days. you may be the lucky winner.

i get to go home this weekend. vegas. sun. family. and my own bedroom. i don't know why that's such a big deal. i have my own  room at my house now, but there's something about going home and staying in my room.  maybe because it doesn't happen very often?? remember how easter isn't really about candy anymore? i'm not even getting an easter basket this year. my mom did offer to get me a new easter dress, which i haven't done for myself in years. don't worry, i got it today. and i love it. but of course, now i need shoes. dang it. i'm excited to be at home, spend time with family and go to church on easter sunday with my family.  maybe if i'm lucky, harry reid will be there :)

and in case you forgot, i could watch the movie "the proposal" one million times and it will never get old.

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Grant said...

I like it. Thanks for including me on your blog. I'm honored. And I realized your description of me makes me sound quite creepy. My apologies...