Friday, May 18, 2012

i'm only 5% depressed

funny how life changes.

my brother and his family are moving in less than a month. i think it's a big deal because i will have to catch a flight to see them. i've never had a family member live that far away...unless they were on a mission, and even then i knew they'd be back in 2 years.
it makes me wonder if i've taken my family all living so close for so long for granted. even when i "moved away from home" i was only a 5 hours car ride away from my parents and a home cooked meal. it's weird to think that this could really be the beginning of my family spreading out. taking jobs when and where they come. raising their family somewhere else and seeing them at family reunions.

i'm not completely depressed about it. 95% of me is so excited for my family to be growing up. moving on. getting great jobs. starting families. excelling in school. but i think 5% of me just still wants to be 12 and babysitting at home on a friday night while my older sister is out with her high school friends and my parents are out to dinner. (when i was 12 that was probably the last thing i wanted to do with my time...)

i guess that means i like my family, right? i really am very lucky to have siblings that are my friends. i guess we'll have to live it up at the DFC this year. :)


Whitney said...

So, what you're saying is you liked it when I was gone.

Leanne said...

amen friend! i feel ya. try your parents selling 'your house' and moving to TEXAS! change sucks! its good, and blah blah. :) but still hard. when will i ever see you again!!!!