Wednesday, May 30, 2012

stranger danger.

I know what you're thinking. i'm a stranger. i feel like i haven't blogged in ages. i blame my absence partly on the new love of my life....instagram.
it's easy. it's fast. and i only have to think of one little witty sentance instead of a whole blog post, so basically it's won me over.
so...if you really want to see pics, i suggest you start following me on instagram. it might just change your life.

let me give you a little updating. mothers day was great. we did the usual homemade ice cream at gmas and i got to spend the evening with family. i love grandmas yard in the summer. it brings back such fun memories of summer sleepovers on the tramp, playing in the sprinklers, slip n' slides and cousin parties.

these cats and i headed down to provo for an outdoor concert. good tunes and good company....and got me in the mode for summer. i feel like every april/may i come out of my winter funk and am reminded that i have friends and that i am actually a pretty fun person. winter i think i allow myself to sit inside and try to stay warm...which makes me feel like i have no friends and am no fun at all. see how that works?
the concert was a blast. met some fun people. ran into old friends. even got a date out of it.
miracles happen (when you invite friends that have magic hair)

another memorial day weekend has come and gone, which means another davis family campout has come and gone. guess rained again. it doens't make it any easier (or warmer) when you are expecting rain as opposed to it just showing up. i was prepared with plenty of layers and plenty of blankets. i still managed to wear my toms (which got wet, of course) and eat ice on a regular basis which didn't help with my core temperature. lessons learned....

if you read this blog, you should know these people. i like these people. this pic was taken at the family dance. yes. family dance. and yes, i was the dj...kind of until they took over and started playing
techno/top 40 and then i gave up and me and the chicken dance headed back to camp.

i've been working with my cousin and his fiance to plan their wedding....which happens to be this FRIDAY.
i've learned alot about the planning process and it's been alot of fun, but it will be really great to have it done. i'm hoping everything comes together and looks beautiful and the food tastes good and the flowers turn out and the invitations were all delivered and the cake shows up and the pictures turn out and the dress still fits and we stay on time and the weather is good......
ok, so i've got alot of wedding details on my mind.
so sue me.

i'll post pictures of wedding when i have them....but most likely i'll be doing it on instagram.
so follow me.
so i can follow you.


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YES! I love that you mentioned me in your blog. Me and my lucky hair feel honored...