Monday, September 24, 2012

how boring

i was flipping through some old posts on my blog and couldn't help but think i've gotten a little serious in my old age. updates with pictures...and thats about it. hmmmmphh. how boring. so guess what, you're gonna start getting a better glimpse into the life of beth. brace yourselves.

we had a new roommate move in. i think her name is lexi, and i'm going to guarantee she wont ever read this. i don't think she even knows my name...but we share a bathroom. weird, right? she moved in while i was in hawaii, and she's really just not around. if i'm ever home when she is home, she is either walking through the room on her phone or in her bedroom. i think she said hi to me once, and it was probably because i said hi to her (maybe i was a little too excited) when she walked in the door. maybe i should start writing her notes and slipping them under her door? or maybe i should be happy i don't have to deal with her? right now, she's a mystery. well, i do know she's not very good at parking (she practically pulls up on the lawn) i mean, she's no jule and she's not foreign,  but what can you do??

my family was in town this past weekend. everyone. if you know how much i like my family, then you know i was a happy girl this past weekend. did you know my little sister was going on a mission? thailand. december. weird, but so great. anyways, she was able to go through the temple this last weekend, and i was happy to have all of my family (except matthew!!) there.

good lookin crew, right? and no, frank did not join us in the temple. he (and his grey skinny jeans) were dropped off when we were done. is beb going to be the cutest sister missionary you've ever seen? yes yes yes.

i promise i'm going to start posting more often...and they will be nice normal funny posts. not a run down of my weeks schedule or a list of everyone i know getting married. get ready. this blog is about to change your life.


Katie said...

Um, I'm really looking forward to more frequent beth posts. Also, I'm really looking forward to Wednesday. The end.

Ali said...

HAHAHA thank you for linking to the old convo with Nathalie and Patty. I COMPLETELY forgot about that and totally pictured your face as you in utter horror had to explain what a twinkie was. HAHAHA I LOVE YOU, and I sure loved those other 2 roomies.