Saturday, November 17, 2012

i'm out of hibernation

... i think.

i feel like things have been really busy lately, and not busy all at the same time.

  • one of my headlights went out on my car and i drove it around like that for over 2 weeks. yeah, i'm that girl. lucky for you, i'm going home to las vegas for thanksgiving, so i all the sudden feel the need to have my car in tip top shape. that includes cleaning out the back seat, which hasn't actually happened yet, but it will. thanks to jiffy lube for overcharging me for one headlight.
  • we only have a few things to paint in our house (coffee table, side table, kitchen table). i'm not rushed to paint any of those things. it's really nice to feel like things are getting settled. No, we haven't put any of our kitchen stuff away yet. baby steps...
  • we are getting a new dishwasher and a new kitchen faucet next week. thank goodness because i think we are all sick of washing our own dishes, and sick of a nasty leaky faucet that makes our kitchen smell like rotten eggs. (ok, i really think it's an issue with the disposal...we'll bring it up to the plumber that comes to install our new goodies next week. 
  • i am a part of the "circle of excellence" at work. i didn't know what that meant until i went to the luncheon they held for 125 employees that were identified by their managers as high performers. cool, right? thanks for lunch, and the gift card. 
  • a few weeks ago was national opthalmic technician week. i had no clue, but one of my doctors brought in breakfast one day, another doctor bought lunch another day, and then i got a really nice card signed by a few of the doctors i work with. let me just say that i really like my doctors. they are rad, and i'm lucky that i get to work with them and learn from them. i guess you could say i'm liking my job right now.
  • my brother and sister-in-law and niece just moved to san francisco. break my heart! i'm so excited for them and their new adventure. can't wait to visit!!!
  • getting ready to plan a trip to the great state of indiana. face timing with ryan and halie and frank is just not cutting it. 
  • christmas this year is just going to be me, mom, dad and matthew. weird, right? i've been talking to my mom about starting a few new traditions this year. weird to think that this is matthews last christmas at home before he leaves on his mission. 
  • my twin nephews turned 10 last month. whaaaaattt?? they turned one while i was doing my semester in nauvoo, which basically means next year makes 10 years since i was in nauvoo. i'm getting old...
  • i can pull my hair into a pony tail. this is a big deal, peeps. beb has been trying to get me to grow my hair our past my shoulders...which i have never done before in my life. the idea is starting to grow on me. maybe i've even considered extensions. ok, so i would never really do that, but still.
ok, that was a lot of rambling information. i'm going to try to be better with updates. pictures to come. i promise!!


Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leanne said...

i loved reading from your list. :)

enjoy thanksgiving at HOME in the beautiful boulder city!! And tell your mama i said hi. i miss that good woman.