Thursday, February 7, 2013

mission blessings.

conversation at work today:

co-worker : bethany, i know you're not married because you're picky.
me : like, too picky? you're just telling me i'm picky?
cw : no, not too picky. but i know you won't shack up with the first person who tells you you're cute.
me : ok

seriously though. 

remember that one time melissa left on her mission??

weird. that girl was ready to go into the mtc. i dont think she was quite as ready to give me her computer. (remember how generous she was to literally gift me her apple computer? ps...i need someone to show me how to use it)
she was brave. she is brave. and she'll be an excellent missionary. i laid in bed last night and thought about her first day in the mtc and then i thought about all of the lives she would bless. beb has a way of connecting with people. i know that she will make long lasting friends, build binding relationships and learn eternal lessons. i'm just plain excited for her.
plus, she gifted me all of her blessings from her mission. you heard me. any blessings my family might get for her serving a mission? she said they're reserved for me. "now go find your husband and then bring him over to thailand to pick me up"  

okay, okay.....twist my arm.


Eleanor Jackson said...

Way to slap a filter on those pics

Katie said...

I will teach you to use it! Also I'm a fan of that work conversation. And all the mission blessings being reserved for you. Yup.

Ali said...

YEAH I love her gifting of blessings. I gift you my blessings, too.
And ps you look good. And ps where does Beb get all of her cute dresses like this one?? Danggggggg.