Saturday, February 23, 2013

winter woes

i had plans today. and now it looks like this outside with no sign of sun:

and yeah, i'm standing on my front porch. i don't dare go much further. it snowed a bit yesterday morning, and then the sun came out and melted everything that might have been shoveled. i have high hopes that the same will happen today, but i know in my deep downs that i'll be out in an hour shoveling that stupid driveway.

this winter is a big downer. not good for the soul. and not good for my house. it seems to be falling apart. i feel bad texting my landlord because i just feel like there is more and more to fix. boo.

when you come over, you might want to use the side door. with all the snow dripping, then melting, then freezing, melting dripping, more get the idea. our front steps basically get worse every day. we've told our landlord, but only at the beginning. i feel bad telling her it's as bad as it is now--and seeing how it just keeps snowing, there's not much that can be done about it now. 

our sink is a hot mess. the faucet has been dripping for months now. our landlord bought us this beauty:

but it's just been sitting in our house. in the box. can you install a faucet? please come visit me.

we also had some old water damage that was fixed recently. its wonderful to not have a big water stain on my ceiling anymore, but we were left with this:
so much for being done with painting. now we get to repaint these stripes :)
its ok really, and we actually told our landlord that we would repaint ourselves after she offered to have someone come in. it will be major motivation for us to paint our kitchen, which is still a lovely shade of olive green. bad news for the kitchen and the stripes (ok, and the coffee table)...when it's snowing outside, the last thing i want to do it paint. in fact, i just want to sit and watch a marathon of stupid movies on the lifetime channel. 

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Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

Bethany I'm so sorry! Come down to la for a visit - we would LOOOOOOOVE it if you I did!!!