Wednesday, December 24, 2008

root canal part dos...and christmas eve.

remember that one time i had a root canal?? looking back on it, i remember thinking it wasn't as bad as i thought it was supposed to be. here's the clincher i didn't mention about the root canal before....i only had half of a root canal. possible? possible. it was beginning of summer and efy was more important than teeth. so, they did the first half, but just left the temporary stuff there until i could come back and have the permanent stuff taken care of.
efy got the best of me, and then i got my new job. and then my schedule was not such that i could come down to vegas just for the dentist. (why do i still go to a dentist in vegas?? family friend. plus, he's fantastic.) so, my mom scheduled me an appointment at 7:00 am christmas eve. yes, i slept in. dang it. then i was on the road for about 10 minutes when i got a flat tire. true story. my parents drove in, switched me cars, and i was off again. i was about 45 minutes late...dang.
i am now in pain. i decided i don't like having my gums moved around. and when i'm told that i may be a little tender, and not because of the tooth, but because my gums may be bruised. gross. who does that??
so, i take it back. root canals are painful. not enjoyable. but...i have a very beautiful and newly polished toothy tooth that i'm thrilled about. thank you, santa.
and now it's christmas eve. everyone seems to being trying to head to the store for "one last thing" and the house is a mess from cooking and crafting. i (and by "i" i mean me and my mom and cindy) made beb's christmas present this year. i'll take a picture of it and post it...but right now it is wrapped and under the tree.
it will be weird to only have 4 kids home. we'll all fit in one bedroom tonight...easily. (all the kids sleep in the same room on christmas eve) and we'll be eating leftover ham for days. we won't be fighting over the phone tomorrow when nathan calls from peru, and we won't even be able to finish a whole pan of breakfast pizza. weird.
for some reason i've been emotional this christmas. my mom thinks it means i'm growing up, but i really have been touched by alot of music and programs from this season. i'm grateful for friends. grateful for family. grateful for this time to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


Melissa said...

dang i was hopin for some hint on what my present was. oh well.

Whitney said...

You know we wanted to be there. We missed you too. I liked this post.