Tuesday, December 29, 2009

f--f-f-f-f-f-r-r-r-r-reeeeezing. seriously.

i've been home in las vegas for a week. now i'm back in utah. and it is frigid. i don't mean chilly. i mean, cold-to-your-bones-can't-control-your-muscle-spasms-when-you-step-outside cold. you heard me.

so i decided that last semester i was anti-social. is that fair for me to say? i mean, i still had friends, and it's not like i sat home by myself and cried all the time, but i didn't find myself making much of an effort. i had a few select friends that i would see all the time...and that's it. stupid, stupid bethany.

i'm turning a new leaf. i am social again (or so i say). can't wait for friends to get back to provo. maybe i feel that way because i feel change coming and want to take advantage of the goodness that surrounds me now? who knows.

i do know that it is cold. right now. at work. space heater....and still cold. ice. cold.

i saw sherlock holmes last night. and i liked it. i also went shopping last night. with a male friend. have i ever told you how much i love shopping with boys? brothers, friends, strangers. okay, maybe not strangers. i love when boys ask me to go shopping with them. i love looking for the perfect pair of jeans or new shoes. oh, new shoes. i love shoe shopping with boys. ok, now i might just be sounding a little weird. oh well.

and just a reminder that this weekend is new years. a new year. to me, new years is like valentines day. there seems to be this pressure to have a big party, or have a date. are you getting a kiss at midnight? then there's always the question, "what did you do for new years??"...and i always feel like i need to have some cool story about how i went to this cool party with cool people and we did cool things and blah blah blah. i've decided that it will not be that kind of new years. i'm not making big plans. i have no expectations. i'm not going to any parties. (great attitude for someone who has committed to be more social, right?)

speaking of new year, it's going to be 2010. two-thousand and ten. how to you abbreviate that?? i've heard people make the mistake and say "Oh-ten"...like Oh-nine....except that doesn't really work, does it. this past weekend, i heard grandpa say "two-ten"...and i like it. i think that is how i will address the new year. 2-10.

not to make this post any more random than it already is, but i have to get this out. i do NOT have a good sense of smell at all. i hate it. it's not like i can't smell a turkey cooking in the oven, but it happens more and more often that people ask me if i smell something...and i don't. it makes me think i should be putting on more deoderant.....just in case. (not implying that people are telling me i stink. i shower on a regular basis, thank you.) example. someone just walked out here and said "it smells like someone's cooking broccoli out here...do you smell that?" nope. sure don't. maybe i should be grateful???

and in case you were wondering, my new favorite game is trying to cast the movie for the book hunger games. i think i've talked about that book on here before. yes, they are making a movie, and it's funny to sit around with friends and try to pick people you would think would be good playing a certain character. i know what you're thinking...."get out much???". i promise. it's fun. maybe i'll do a post about it. and you'll love it. just read the book, okay??

and in conclusion. it's cold. freezing. seriously.


Shannon said...

I play this game too...This is my Peeta http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1395771/
you may recognize him from another fave movie of yours..one where we all learned to throw down at the hoedown!

*I just said AMEN aloud at work..New Years is overrated!

Melissa said...



Melissa said...



Laura said...

But you have to admit that if Donny asked you "maybe it's much to early in the game . . ." you wouldn't mind - Right??? sure love you!

p.s. you know there is always the family party and that it is always the best in town! (if you plan not to be social that is.)

hollyhs said...

love hunger games! i didn't know they were making a movie?! awesome.

Steve Lamb said...

Random... Loved Sherlock, I am not a fan of New Years either, I am freezing, too and want Spring to be here soon!! My sisters love Hunger Games, but I know nothing about it... Social? What does that mean?