Sunday, October 30, 2011

i survived october

i'm happy to report that october is practically over and i've managed to avoid most scary things. i wish there was a way for me to avoid all commercials for certain movies on tv, but i think i've done pretty good for myself.
friday after work i rushed home from work to grab my bag and head up to the cabin. i always love to go up to cousin lindseys cabin, with family or friends, it's always a blast. joey and i rode up together and met up with laura, gordo, linds and scott at the cabin. we always bring too much food and stay up way too late, but its always worth it. pizza, indoor smores, trash tv, scary movies, scatergories and staying up till 3 in the morning. (are we 17?? i don't think so...)
and the stacked cups? that's what happens when we leave scott and joey to "sleep" downstairs. they got what they audible gasp from me when i opened our bedroom door in the morning.

beb's birthday was last week. twenty years old!!! i can't believe it. she was actually in salt lake the night of her birthday for a class she's taking at the byu extension, so i encouraged her to ditch her class after her quiz and join me for some birthday dinner at one of my favorite places - gourmandise. it wasn't as much time as either of us had hoped for, but it was still alot of fun to see her on her actual birthday.
and ps...i made her that hat. i'm afraid that my obsession with crochetting that started so many years ago in nauvoo is back. is that such a bad thing??

oh yeah....and i got to take my first nap with this babe over the weekend. perfection.
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Melissa said...

i love you sister

Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

Um, you are awesome. Can I put in an order for one of those DARLING hats?! How about a trade. I just got a pattern for crocheted slippers -- a pair of slippers for a hat?
Do I have to give my head measurement right now though? That would be severely embarrassing...
We are so excited to see you next week! Does that still work for you?